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Over the past 2 months I enjoyed a blissful silence. A silence without any notification and disturbance. I decided to disable ALL notifications from my phone and it was magic! With the amount of notifications I usually receiver on a daily basis this was a cherry to pick, and it tasted like more to me.Our love was a notification Wondering if it could stay

Working 9-5 and sitting through some weekly meetings, not all notifications are welcome at the time of the event. And since they can spill in from every channeled app on your device, they are hardly ever beneficial at the time of the event itself.

Even though I truly enjoyed my moments of silence in the abyss, there are some ups and downs to this action. So lets start with the upsides:

Not bad right, but here are some drawbacks to consider.

The first conclusion to make here is that this was a good thing to consider and adapt to. Whenever I feel the distracting notifications taking over I now dig into their settings whenever I feel, and filter out what I do not need at that moment.

In just two months I noticed I had more time on my hands that I could spend more effective.This is why I consider it a success, less is more, and if I get a new follower somewhere, I will find out eventually!

692 views ✍   19 nov. 16

Google Pixel

google pixel white unboxing Since it was my birthday today, I needed to get myself a nice treat. After some hard ponderings, and the fact that I shredded my Note Edge 5 by dropping it while biking, I decided the new Google Pixel would do just fine, and I was more than right about that.

898 views ✍   15 nov. 16

Inktober 2016 second half

And my 2016 inktober month is complete! here is the second set of drawings. I hope you enjoy watching them.


Talisman Inktober 2016

795 views ✍   31 okt. 16

Inktober 2016 first half

I decided to take part in inktober. I havent drawn a lot over the past 2 years, and now decided to pick it up again. And with 16 days in I am really happy with the results thus far, and wanted to share them here! So here they come!

Skull Slush

skull slush Inktober 2016

774 views ✍   16 okt. 16

Social expansion

It is important to grow your (social)network, so should one invest in new followers, fans, users or clients? Well maybe you should, mass equals cash, so connecting and interacting with your audience is very important!

800 views ✍   04 okt. 16

Pokemon Go is dead already

About a month ago, Ingress game developer Niantic released Pokemon Go on their platform in a partnered deal with Nintendo. But what they did not know is that they killed the game long before release, or writing the first lines of code.

Both games greatly benefit from outdoor exploration, going to new places. The downside is gear that is either farmed or awarded when leveling up. Farming is done at locations indexed through ingress, and submitting new portals has been discontinued for about a year or so.

801 views ✍   12 aug. 16

Pixel Wars update

Lately been working on a pixel series based on star wars here are some of the first results pixel wars R2D2

845 views ✍   17 mei. 16

One year Ingress + Guardian tips

Today I completed my first year as an ingress agent. Within this year I achieved level 14 agent clearance and walked 2121 KM, neutralised 5014 portals destroying 11652 links and 6697 fields. Captured 5224 portals (1601 uniques) and deployed 43,206 resonators in order to create 7983 links and 4307 control fields. Totalling 30.510.927 AP

3826 views ✍   01 dec. 14

Ingress - Helios

Last Saturday I attended my first Ingress Anomaly, the Helios in Rotterdam! Since I had no idea what to expect, my team did a very good job and maintained 8 out of the 9 portals that were assigned to our team. Here is an overview of our assigned portals and the portal-status during the measurements.

1605 views ✍   27 aug. 14

Screen Importance

To some people this may sound like mobile first but it is not. True, we live in a mobile driven generation, but that does not mean you have to put mobile first in the design and development progress. Look at the traffic stats of your product, are your mobile users really overruling the other users? Probably not, but if you think mobile first is the best approach for the ~12% of traffic on mobile devices be my guest.

1396 views ✍   03 jan. 14

Ingress level 8 within a month

Last month I started playing Ingress, a near-real time augmented reality MMO pervasive game created by Niantic Labs, a start up within Google.. I managed to reach level 8 within a month and in this post I will share some insights of the things I did to level up this fast.

Ingress: tips building fields WKMF whatkeptmefrom

20045 views ✍   24 dec. 13

Metro or Wipeout

Today I stumbled upon a video with some highlights of the wipeout3 game. This futuristic racer dates back to the PS1 and the main goal is to eliminate as many opponents as possible during races.

1681 views ✍   15 nov. 13

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