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My name is Erik bij de Vaate an certified interaction designer from the Netherlands.

It is my passion to create new experiences and interactions for the web, mobile and other media. By creating wireframes, clickpaths and interactive prototypes I am able to optimize existing products using Analytics or with implementation and supervision of usability testing.

With 5 years experience within the field of eHealth and more than 15 years in webdesign I have build up alot of skills to create powerful interfaces from a users perspective. I am also very passionate about logo and identity design. My designs are often described as simple, elegant and creative.

Thank you for visiting my online portfolio, I hope you like my work and my blog. I am looking forward to hear from you.

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Over the past 2 months I enjoyed a blissful silence. A silence without any notification and disturbance. I decided to disable ALL notifications from my phone and it was magic! With the amount of notifications I usually receiver on a daily basis this was a cherry to pick, and it tasted like more to me.Our love was a notification Wondering if it could stay

268 views ✍ 19 nov. 16

Google Pixel

google pixel white unboxing Since it was my birthday today, I needed to get myself a nice treat. After some hard ponderings, and the fact that I shredded my Note Edge 5 by dropping it while biking, I decided the new Google Pixel would do just fine, and I was more than right about that.

293 views ✍ 15 nov. 16

Inktober 2016 second half

And my 2016 inktober month is complete! here is the second set of drawings. I hope you enjoy watching them.


Talisman Inktober 2016

296 views ✍ 31 okt. 16


* the mind and the body may each affect the other.

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"Look and feel" is important but "use and feel" is crucial.

Javier Cañada

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True interactivity is not about clicking on icons or downloading files, it's about encouraging communication.

Edwin Schlossberg

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